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Taiyue News
The Corundum Division deployed its work schedule during the Ching Ming holidays

The Ching Ming holidays is coming soon, to ensure the normal production safety in an orderly manner, in consideration of division’s actual production situation, the corundum division deployed its work schedule, desiring everyone to comply with work disciplines, emphasizing the security problem during the holidays, to make sure the cadre worker to pay attention in the mind.


Decision by the general manager office meeting, all the staffs should strictly observe the rules and regulations of corundum division, superior departments and group. Maintaining a high degree of consciousness, fulfilling their obligations, working on time, keeping communications smoothly on duty, strengthening the forest fire prevention work before and after the holidays. Disposing all kinds of situations timely, at the same time paying attention to their own and the enterprise image, serving the nearby villagers warmly, popularizing the basic knowledge of safe and civilized sacrifice, correctly guiding the masses to transform customsand habits, taking environmental sacrificial activities such as planting trees, presenting a bouquet and so on.