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Group News
Qinxin Group held the First Half Year’s Operation Assessment & Analysis Conference

President Sun Hongyuan convened The Group Enterprises First Half  Year’s Operation  Assessment &Analysis  conference  on  July 28,2015 to July 30,2015.

All the group leaders, the responsible persons in relevant functional departments  and the enterprises’ principals attended that conference.

President Sun Hongyuan affirmed the enterprises’ achievements in the first half year. He also pointed out that the current coal market situation was still grim, each enterprise should focus on the "production &income increasing ,  cost saving" under the promise of security, open-minded, seeking truth from facts, binding solid ground to carry out the internal management of the enterprise, clarifying responsibilities in the important parts  such as raw materials procurement, recovery payment, material library and so on, taking effective measures to avoid big problems & unnecessary losses to the enterprises.


 Finally The President required all the relevant departments and enterprises to pay high attention to the conference spirit, communicate and learn it in time, project a good work plan  and information-exchanging, especially the Changqin company should  learn more about the conference spirit  to further promote their work in the future.